Executive Summary - 1998-2005

by Linda F. Castner, M.S., and Sue P. Stafford, Ph.D


Following is a summary of key information resulting from our initial seven-year research project:

Phase One – Interviews

Question: Why don’t more women learn to fly?

  • More than 100 female pilots interviewed
  • Hundreds of female non-pilots interviewed

Finding: Most women who become pilots do so because of a strong emotional connection with a male

Phase Two – Early Leaders/Women Take Flight® Workshops

Four, two-day workshops conducted

21 female participants:

  • 100% reported feeing empowered.

Phase Three – Leaders/Women Take Flight®   Workshops in Research Mode  

Three, two-day workshops conducted

36 female participants:

  • 98% reported an increase in self-confidence
  • 91% demonstrated an improved ability to adapt to conditions that required new learning
  • 81% came to new understandings concerning the role and value of collaboration in tackling a difficult and risky task 



The current Take Flight WorkshopsTM model evolved based on the above and additional experience providing other similar workshops to diverse groups of women:

Take Flight WorkshopsTM

Workshops now target three key leadership traits:

  • Confidence
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration

Discussions focus on applying key leadership traits to any context (e.g., business, classroom, athletic competition)

Activities tailorable to specific contexts

Flight is explored as a metaphor for the participant's professional and personal life

Experiential curriculum provides benefits for participants in all facets of life


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