Take Flight Workshops

Take Flight WorkshopsTM are two-day workshops for women, girls, and those seeking leadership training. Workshops include classroom instruction, experiential exercises on the ground, and flight experience in general aviation aircraft.  Experienced ground and flight facilitators introduce participants to new learning challenges and coach them to achieve peak performance in meeting those challenges.  Ground facilitators work with participants to use their flight experience as a metaphor for their personal and professional lives.  Piloting real airplanes in real time unleashes the trademark Flying EffectTM, where peak performance in the cockpit is transferred to peak performance in the boardroom, the classroom, the athletic field, or any endeavor in your life.



  • New self understanding
  • Improved ability to take risk
  • Develoment of three key leadership traits:
    • Self-confidence
    • Adaptability
    • Collaboration
  • Networking