Preparing to Learn

      Getting Started

Facilitators give an overview of the workshop and its research foundation.


Participant Introductions

Participants introduce themselves with a personal introduction ice-breaker.


The Power of Learned Beliefs

Three interactive exercises designed to elicit and promote understanding of personal learned beliefs.  These are followed by a facilitated discussion on how to recognize and shift learned beliefs to achieve one's goals.


Personal Preparation of Body, Mind, and Emotion


Classroom presentation/discussion on learning styles and the role of body, mind, and emotion in achieving peak performance. Theater method to illustrate techniques for controlling body, mind and emotion followed by facilitated discussion.


Pyramid of Learner Needs

Introduction to the pyramid of learner needs for successful flight.


Trust and Trustworthiness

Classroom presentation/discussion of the role of trust and trustworthiness in a new learning environment; role play method illustrating first solo flight.


        Meet the Flight Facilitators


            Interactive introduction to and Q and A with the flight facilitators.